Angel Investments and the Type of Angel Investors

The business world today is becoming healthier and steady this is due to the fact that there are so many investors who willingly extend their help to rising business entrepreneurs around the globe. One of the type of investment which is found to be very cooperative and accommodating to the needs of the business starters is the so-called angel investment. An angel investment is a type of investment where the investor asks for ownership equity in return for the capital or funds they are going to lend to the entrepreneurs. There are various motives why these investors engage in this kind of system.investing

To know more about this, here are the different kinds of angel investors you have to learn with help from

  1. Core angels

These are the well-seasoned business entrepreneurs who already have vast experiences and success in the world of business. The wealth and revenues that they have earned from their business over a period of time is the one they venture for the angel investment system. These core angels will commit to help rising business owners by investing their money on someone else’s business even if there is a high risk to lose their wealth. Typically, this type of angel investor covers varied portfolios such as real estate public and private equity.

  1. High-tech angels

These persons are not as experienced as the core angels. From the name itself, high-tech angels are the one who supports their revenues typically on the latest technological trends. They take the pleasure in bringing new technological products and services in the market. Although they could offer entrepreneurs their advices, some prefer not to meddle with the business operations because they simply do not like dealing with the challenges along the way.

  1. Corporate angels

These are the people who have been executives of large business corporations. Their main goal in angel investing is to get an opportunity to land a job to the business they are investing their money to. According to experts, they tend to be controlling once they already have a hold in their desired position.

  1. Return on Investment angels

Of course all angel investors have their desire for a return in their investments. However, this type is principally after of the financial reward from their investment. These investors are the type of people who invests only when the market is stable and improved. Once they feel that the market performance is poor, then they will not risk to fund for an investment.

  1. Entrepreneurial angels

They are investors who have self-owned and operated businesses. The amount of their investment is based on the income flow. Normally, they give the starters an average capital of investment which is $200,000 to $500,000 worth. Once they see that the business they are investing to progresses, then there is a possibility that they will put up more money to add on their investments. They sometimes enjoy engaging to the business activities by giving tips and helpful marketing strategies to the rising entrepreneurs.

  1. Professional angels

From the name itself, they are coming from the pool of professionals in the community. They could be doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. They sometimes offer their own services in return, to the invested company. The capital funds they offer range anywhere from $25,000 to $200,000 per investment.…

Is Pension Loan a Good Idea?

What is pension and how does this work?

By definition, pension is a retirement scheme often given to government or civil workers. This is one of the most efficient ways to prepare and secure yourself financially for your retirement because this plan gives you benefits. When a person retires from service, one will get a sum which depends on the length of service of the retiree and the salary one receives at the time of his service. However, there are these inevitable circumstances that urge people to use all their savings to the extent of resorting to other alternatives such as loans to supply their immediate needs especially during emergencies. One of the loans that one could apply is what we call the pension loan from Productive Pensions.

Seniors with euro coins

Well, basically, pension loans work by taking the money from the retirement assets and pay the said amount in time with interest. Before we could think about borrowing from your retirement plan, you should ask yourself, “Is it a good idea?” Below are the simple guidelines to follow to give light to your thinking:

  1. You need to identify the purpose of the loan

As an initial step, you should take into consideration the reason why you should apply for a loan and the total cost that you need. Ask yourself, why do I need a loan? How much will I loan? How long will it take for me to pay it? Do I really have to do this? Of course, if your answer to the first question is “To buy a new car” then, remember a want is different from a need.

  1. Know the type of your pension plan

Although there are so many sources and institutions who will willingly grant the loan you are requesting, it is also important for you to read your own pension plan for there are some type of plans which do not allow using the retirement funds as a collateral to the loan. Others applied restrictions to it for security reasons, some plans allow to make it a collateral when your fund qualify to apply for a loan. So, to determine whether you are restricted to use your retirement plan to loan, read and understand the information of your pension plan.

  1. Consult with a financial planner

As it is said, getting a loan is not easy but if the situations tells you to do so, then you should always consult an expert. This financial planner will help you get the best options to where you have to obtain the loan where you can get low interest rates. This expert would also advise you with the maximum loan amount you should get and acquaint you further of the terms and conditions of the loan you are applying for.

  1. Understand the effects of borrowing from your pension plan

Pension loan is technically borrowing money from your own funds and paying interests of your own money. Thus, you should try to understand the rules and regulations before applying for a loan.



5 Best Tips to Make your Wine Investment Possible

When you invest, you always make sure to commit your money to something which could give you profits in return. If you want to gain these profits in a very unique way, then you should try investing in wines. Wine investment is definitely not they typical venture a person likes to get started with. If you have heard about it already and you find it interesting, here’s the catch, this article will give you the best advices that you need as you go on with your investment journey. Written below are the tips to make your wine investment goals possible:wine corks

  1. You should have knowledge about wines and wine investing

Before you get started and fund for your investment, it is necessary for you to have background information about the business you are starting. Getting sufficient knowledge of the subject will make you a good merchant. You do not want your money to be wasted in funding to the wrong type of wines. Yes, it is possible to rely on experts like Twelve By Seventy Five; however, it is always good for you to have some stored knowledge for yourself.


  1. Get the best wine that suits your pocket

The best wines are really expensive. So, if you are planning to invest in the finest wines, you should also take into consideration its affordability. You should not force yourself to empty your pockets just to get châteaux of Bordeaux or the other extravagant vintage wines. Remember, that there are also globally popular and competitive wine brands which would suit your price range and are loved and sipped by people.


  1. Check wine prices from time to time

It is the rule of the thumb to check on the prices of every product you have to purchase in the market because its prices vary from store to store. Thus, it is highly advised not to rush in your investment procedures but sniff around for the right-priced wine. We are now living in a modern era where you can compare prices online effortlessly, so there is no excuse in skipping this step.


  1. Do a justified gamble

Investing on something is a form of gamble. Thus, you should be critical enough to invest in a wine that you can afford losing. Your investment does not always guarantee profits or gains. Hence, make sure that you could still recover from the loss when the wines you invested would fail to give back the returns. If it doesn’t sell, at least you can drink it anyway.


  1. Secure a professional storage

Wines need good storage because temperature fluctuations could cause the damage of your wine. If you are investing in expensive wines, then it also follows to provide a storage where you can be sure that your investment is safe. Getting professional storage ensures ideal conditions for your collection. Plus, the experts would definitely offer you tips and advices to help guarantee the value of the wine when you come to a point of selling it. Remember, a properly stored wine, is a good-tasting wine and a good-tasting wine is a potential profit.