Preventing Web Design Cost Creep

Back in the day a first rate website could run you £30,000 or more. During that period of irrational exuberance known as the bubble you could easily double that amount. Today the cost of a website has come down, driven by things like WordPress templates and the sheer number of highly skilled web designers crowding the market. At least that’s the story I keep hearing. But there’s another, darker narrative out there. One that speaks of companies paying exorbitant prices for websites due to a mysterious force known as “web design cost creep.”

When Good Website Design Quotes Go Bad

You did your homework. You submitted your RFP and selected a company whose quote landed in the middle price-wise. They also seemed like an affable bunch you might enjoy working with. However, as the design process inched forward, like one of those crawlers that carried the space shuttle to the launch platform, a funny thing happened: the cost began a very space shuttle-like creep of its own from 15 to 25 to $40,000 and the quote became irrelevant. How did this happen?

Here are a few things that can quickly send web design costs into outer space.polls_08_01_17_money8_1054_61822_answer_2_xlarge

  • Deciding to add a shopping cart – Some shopping cart software is free. Getting it to work properly however requires someone who knows what they’re doing and they aren’t free. Don’t add a shopping cart unless you’re relatively certain your product will attract online interest. Not everything will.
  • Deciding you don’t like the interface – While it’s your prerogative to call for a reboot, doing so after you already signed off on the design will cost you a lot of money. Think about it carefully before ditching the approved design.
  • Getting talked into extras – Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could chat with a sales associate through your website during office hours? Sure. But what’s wrong with using  telephones to do that? Adding superfluous functionality will cause the price to go through the roof faster than just about anything else.
  • Bringing in the SEO experts after the site has been built – Few things are as wasteful as trying to impose your SEO plan after you’ve built the website. It’s like building and launching a ship and then designing and installing the propellers after the boat is in the water. Incorporate SEO considerations into the design from day one and save a boatload of money.
  • Paying late – If your web designer is on the ball they included a late payment penalty clause in the contract. You may have missed that or feel they won’t enforce it because you’re such a nice guy. Surprise! They meant it and now you’re on the hook for an additional 10% or whatever.

The best way to make sure you can bank on the website design quotes you received is to make your decisions ahead of time and stick with them. Honour the contract. Show up for meetings. Don’t get talked into extras or make impulsive decisions and pay the bill on time.…

How Your Viewpoints Develop Your Company

What’s Reality? If you pause to consider it, reality is simply your belief of what’s real to you. It’s your understanding of the circumstances which you have experienced in your lifetime. When you recognise that your reality (or understanding of it) is equally as real to you as another individual going through the same, all you have to do is recognize that in business, you have to be open to the realities of other individuals. Your target market all have their very own realities, their very own understandings, and they can really be extremely good to your company, if you’re able to work to implement them.

If you wish to understand how, attempt the following:

business opinionsFind Out
Discover what other individuals are saying. Not only the individuals who you associate with, however business leaders along with other knowledgeable business owners that might have various opinions of your business. Determine if their views (their reality) include recommendations which might help the medium to long term results of your company.

For instance, to make use of the example of a half filled glass of water, a person may claim that the glass is half full, another might claim it’s half empty. But, there might be another person, asking why there is even a glass to restrict the movement of water at all! Consider the possibilities of your company from each and every scenario, and keep in mind that it is all about viewpoint.

different opinionsExamine
Examine and find out whether their opinions and reality are legitimate. You might understand the same in a different way, however everybody is allowed to their own understanding and the individual who works on the finest understanding of situations generally has the greatest possibility of success. Your understanding might be legitimate from your point of view, however, other individuals believe their understandings are legitimate as well. It is just a question of subjective viewpoint.

Determine which point of view you think will reward your company the most. Then, get to work understanding and developing into it.

Accept & Change
Put together whatever you require to do this. You may have to alter the way you look at issues. You may also have to alter who you spend time with. When the point of view you think to be right is ingrained in the customs and values of your company, you’ve got a greater possibility of developing it in the path you desire.

If you can alter your understanding of reality, your possibilities will alter together with it.…