The Reception Area – How to Keep Your Office Reception

reception_5Reception plants make such a simple yet effective brightening touch to any commercial fit out, it’s a wonder they aren’t used more often. Including plants in your office will connect your space with the outdoors and bring a little fresh, natural life to a busy workplace. On the other hand, if you’re not a keen gardener it’s understandable if you are a little intimidated by the dizzying array of plants available. Obviously, not all reception plants can survive in the confines of a commercial fit out, but there are some that simply thrive indoors and need little attention once put in place.

Succulents are fantastic plants for using in commercial fit outs. Not only are they endlessly interesting and quirky, they require very little care, meaning that you won’t turn up in the morning to find a depressingly withered plant. Succulents can be used in a reception area or dotted throughout the commercial fit out. You can get some very small succulent plants in brightly colored pots to provide bright accents throughout the office.

Fragrant Herbs
While most workplaces use plants ornamentally only, you could stand out from the crowd with a selection of practical plants. While the heady scent of herbs may not be appropriate in all areas of your commercial fit out, you could consider including compact pots of mint basil and sage in your kitchen or break area. Kitchen herbs add a personal touch to your office and encourage a sense of community.

Terrariums are tiny environments, sometimes complete ecosystems, enclosed in glass jars, vases or domes. They have a very delicate appearance, but because they are completely contained, they require very little care. Terrariums can make interesting and unusual additions to any office. They usually contain moss, stones, succulents, small flowers and even small, significant objects. You can order personalized terrariums which represent your company image in a quirky and charming way.

Hanging Plants
Hanging plants give a lovely, luscious feel to any official it out. Spider plants are easy to care for and have a fantastic retro feel. Alternatively, ferns make lively and luxurious options. Hanging plants are best used in the reception area around comfortable couches and low coffee tables. You should be careful, however, to hang your plants over tiles or floorboards to avoid damaging the carpet of your commercial fit out while watering.

Reception plants and flowering baskets are not seasonal so they look good all year not just during the growing season. You can have a colorful and attractive floral display outside or indoors with reception plants. Another great advantage is that the plants do not give off pollen so do not stain furniture. These reception plants and flowers are also free form allergens, which may be an issue for people who are visiting hotels, spas or restaurants for prolonged periods of time. You do not want to annoy guests with allergen led sneezing or itching. These reception plants and floral arrangements would also be ideal therefor for residential care homes, children’s centers or educational buildings. A well potted and easy to care for the plant may just be the finishing touch to your commercial fit out you have been searching for.