Things To Consider When Choosing An Electric Gate For Your Office Space

blog-5Size Of Your Gate

Aside from measuring the size of the entrance (which is basic when you’re having a gate fitted at your entrance), you also have to know the size will determine the amount of power the gate operator will consume. So if you want to save on electric bills, better choose for one that weighs less.

Type Of Gate

The whole structure of your space and building is important when deciding what kind of gate to choose. You can choose from swing or slide model gates, which will depend if you’re buying a single or double gate. And the design of your gate opener will determine the location and placement of the operator, which is either underground or overhead.

Right Mode Of Access Of Electric Gate

There are different ways to access and operate an electric gate from Essex Autogates. But you have to consider the most suitable and effective for your gate. Keypad, card reader, telephone entry, remote control, are all nice but which do you think will be the most convenient for every member of the family?


Electric gates come in different prices just like how it comes in different sizes, shape, design, and mechanism. So don’t be hasty to think that the more expensive it is the better. Know what you need in an electric gate, search information online and offline and you’ll find the best gate for you at the best price, which isn’t necessarily cheap or expensive.